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Taking care of your loved ones with Glucerna

Taking care of your loved ones with the help of Glucerna

As for a member of a family that has a history of diabetes, it is very important to monitor the health and status of the family’s well-being, especially during the pandemic. During these days that we are locked at home, we tend to almost grab and eat anything that’s on the table or have food deliveries when we feel hungry. These times are the most crucial for those who are not monitoring their diets.

To safely check our well-beings, we must start to monitor the food that we eat, especially the amount of sugar intakes. It is a known medical fact that too much sugar could lead to overweight, and as a result, might increase our risk of developing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Diabetes is a group of diseases that result in too much sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream.

For us to avoid developing diabetes, we must learn to choose our food and take supplements, like Glucerna, to manage our blood sugar. Well, yes, those who don’t have diabetes can also consume and drink Glucerna. Glucerna shakes and bars are specifically designed for people with diabetes or people trying to manage their blood sugar. Still, Glucerna products are intended to be used under medical supervision as a part of a diabetes management plan. So if you want to consume Glucerna, ask for your doctor’s advise.

But most importantly, Glucerna is recommended for the adults and seniors in the family. They’re the really one who needs a special drink to fight diabetes. Managing blood sugar response and weight are also important for people with prediabetes.

For patients with Type 1 diabetes, Glucerna products are appropriate for them. It is important to monitor blood glucose regularly to see how Glucerna affect insulin needs. Glucerna contain blends of carbohydrates that are low glycemic to help minimize peaks in blood sugar.

Why choose Glucerna?

  • Advanced blend of low glycemic carbohydrates to help support the dietary management of diabetics
  • Dual fiber blend
  • Unique lipid blend with Omega-3 and Omega-6, and is trans-fat free, cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat
  • 4X more Inositol vs. previous formulation and is high in trivalent Chromium which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
  • High in Vitamin D which helps support Calcium absorption and improve bone strength
  • High in Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A, and is a source of Iron and Vitamin C which support the normal function of the immune system

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