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Earn and win more points and prizes with Globe Rewards

Earn and win more points and prizes with Globe Rewards

Win from weekly raffle and earn points to use for weekly flash deals when you use your Globe Rewards. Globe Rewards are  points, redeemable rewards, and perks from Globe that you can enjoy from the Globe Rewards mobile app.

There are more ways to earn points and rewards. You can earn from your Prepaid reloads or monthly Postpaid usage. You can also earn points for your Globe At Home broadband plans and Prepaid WiFi.

These points and rewards from data promos can be converted to digital vouchers and points as payment at partner stores. You can also join this month’s Rewards Raffle Promo by using your points to redeem raffle entries for a chance to win weekly prizes and more. All you have to do is download and install Globe Rewards on your devices.

Download the Globe Rewards app via Google Play or App store  at or visit

How to Register your Account

  1. Open the Globe Rewards app.
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Wait for OTP code
  4. Enter 6-digit OTP
  5. Complete your profile
  6. Swipe up and explore the app.
  7. Receive notification.
  8. Click three line on the left
  9. Click Add Number
  10. Enter additional number (Yes, you can add more numbers: Globe Mobile number/s or Globe At Home Account/Mobile Number)
  11. Account is added.

You can now enjoy the rewards , perks, and surprise treats from your Globe Rewards app from Globe Promos, Donate, Digital Vouchers, Shopping, Dining, Travel, Entertainment, and Exclusives categories.

How can I check my points balance?

The Globe Rewards app displays your points balance in real-time. You may also text BAL  to 4438 to view the breakdown of your points.

You need to connect to your mobile data or WiFi to use the app, however, the app is free of charge so it will not eat up on your mobile data promo or load.

For more information and how to download the Globe Rewards, visit

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