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Puerto Galera Municipal Hall and other town areas, now GoWiFi zones

Puerto Galera Municipal Hall and other town areas, now GoWiFi zones

GoWiFi continues to expand its base across the country, particularly in high-traffic areas, in line with its efforts to empower more Filipinos by helping them stay connected. In Luzon, Puerto Galera has been recently added to its growing list of hotspots nationwide.

Janis Nathalie L. Racpan, Director of Globe Digital Solutions Group, said, “With GoWiFi, we want to give Filipinos the ability to go online through dependable and accessible internet services whenever they need to leave their homes.” 

GoWiFi’s free and paid offerings are now available in the following areas in Puerto Galera:

●        Puerto Galera Municipal Building

●        Puerto Galera Municipal Gymnasium

●        Muelle Bay Cultural Heritage Park Terminal Building

To connect to Free GoWiFi, just open the settings and connect to “@FreeGoWiFi” or @<site>_FreeGoWiFi hotspot, register and select a WiFi offer to start surfing.

Once connected to GoWiFi, users can browse social media, check emails, watch videos, and download files. It is available for users regardless of network provider, and is compatible with any WiFi-enabled device. Users are given free minutes daily of high-speed internet access where GoWiFi is available.

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