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GCash rolls out GInvest for every Filipino, for as low as P50 investment

GCash rolls out GInvest for every Filipino, for as low as P50 investment

“We’ve made investing easy for every Filipino through GInvest. Later this month, you can start investing in local bonds for as low as P50 and international global funds for as low as P1000,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom, President and CEO last February in his Facebook account after they announce the upcoming roll out of GInvest, the newest financial service under GCash mobile app.

“Friends, here’s an exciting news from GCash! Watch out, our NEW FUNDS on GInvest will be out this FEB!!! Now you can earn more than your savings rate and as much as 78% return on your money.* Set up your investment account now so you’re ready when it comes out soon! With just a few taps, GInvest allows you to place in these funds/companies for as low as P50 for PH instruments and P1,000 for Global Funds,” said Martha Sazon, President & CEO at GCash (Mynt – Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.).

– PH Bonds,

– Global Technology (Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet/Google) and

– Consumer Funds (Amazon, Alibaba, Nintendo, Sea/Shopee, Activision Blizzard)- PH Equity (Top PH companies like Globe, Ayala, SM, etc)


*based on past year return on Global Consumer Trends Funds

More information here: #FinanceForAllPH #KayaMoGCashMo 

What is GInvest?

GInvest is the investment marketplace feature of the GCash App. This service allows users to invest in various investment funds from our partner product providers.

It’s the simplest way to investment for as low as P50 or PH instruments and P1,000 for Global Funds.

All you have to do is open the GInvest tab on your GCah mobile app. You will be then ask to fill up information to verify your interest in GCash invest Money. Your details will be sent to ATRAM Trust Corp. for approval via email and SMS.

You simply start by tapping the GInvest tab under the GCash Financial Services menu.

You will be then asked to verify the email address you are using for your GCash app account before you proceed.

Once you’re in, you will be asked to answer the questions to get you qualify for the investment.

You will then receive a Risk Profile Assessment prior to the approval of your interest to invest on GInvest. Your details will be sent to ATRAM for review.

ATRAM Trust Corporation (ATRAM Trust) manages some of the best performing funds in the Philippines. ATRAM Trust is the first stand-alone trust corporation in the Philippines. It received its license to operate in October 2016 from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).  ATRAM Trust provides and manages the funds available in GCash Invest Money. You can learn more about ATRAM Trust on their website (

The approval will take some time but in my experience, it took me with no less than 15 minutes after my details were submitted to ATRAM. After receiving the approval of my registration, I can now start investing in GInvest partners’ investment products via Invest Money.

Once approved, you can now open the ATRAM investment products and choose from ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund, ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund, ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feeder Fund, ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond, and/or ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund.

Click here to learn more or register to GInvest now!
Notelink only works on mobile devices with GCash App

The key here is to put ONLY your extra funds from your savings or income. It’s not wise to put your whole savings or income to an investment product.

GInvest is a good start where you invest for as low as P50 and it won’t hurt your piggybank.

I just made a P200 initial investment just to get used to this new investment. I might buy more as the investment progress in time.

I’m still learning this new trade and I will update this article of the developments with regards to my investment.

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