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An honest food review of the McDonald’s BTS Meal

To start off, this latest (but actually has been around for a long time) McDonald’s meal has proven to be a successful marketing collaboration between the international fastfood giant and the South Korean icon supergroup, BTS.

As of early this year, the PH Army have been anticipating and eagerly waiting for the June “tour” release of the BTS Meal in the Philippines and as soon as it landed, sales went up, branches and online deliveries were flooded with customers who want to have their own piece of the collab and to bring home merchs that are exclusive from the BTS Meal.

Now, we have the opportunity to give our own food review take away of the BTS Meal.

The McDonald’s BTS Meal includes a 10-piece McNuggets, Cajun and Sweet Chili sauces (in separate small tubs), a Coca-Cola drink, and french fries.

There’s nothing new if we’re talking about the meal itself. You have the Chicken McNuggets that is already a popular menu at McDonald’s. But this time, it didn’t come with its usual BBQ sauce and instead it comes with a cajun and sweet chili sauces. These sauces makes the BTS Meal different and exciting to try. Between the two sauces, I prefer to like the Sweet Chili because it has a more kick in it compared to the Cajun sauce. The cajun sauce is also good but the flavor of the sweet chili sauce complements the chicken nuggets more.

By the way, I always love the Chicken McNuggets, so I’m already bias with that.

Overall, the food meal included in the BTS Meal is good and is definitely will fill up the tummy because of the combo package. It’s a perfect meal to snack on whether you’re binge-watching on Netflix or enjoying the music videos of BTS on YouTube.

When it comes to the merchs, it’s kinda ordinary but because it has the BTS logo and name on it, it makes a rare item to collect, especially if you’re an Army. Plus, the paper bag, soda cup, and the box of nuggets come in a purple color symbolizing the trademark of the supergroup.

For the non-fans, they might just see the packaging as normal but for the army fans club, it’s a collectible treasure. To be honest, the BTS Meal is quite expensive if you’ll compare it when you order the same meal without the collab marketing.

I’ll give the McDonald’s BTS Meal a 10/10 overall rating from the food meal and the brilliant packaging collaboration.

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