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Learning the ropes of financial independence especially, during this time of the pandemic

Learning the ropes of financial independence especially, during this time of the pandemic

A lot of people suffered big blows as soon as the pandemic begins to catch up on everyone. Industries were affected by the rise of COVID-19 and every country’s economy almost fell to the ground as businesses come from temporarily closing to shutting down for good.

The hardest hits are the people who lost their jobs (and loved ones) and those who were just starting their businesses. Building from the rubble after tragedies is not an easy task but people who are prepared and are financially stable have a lot of advantage over those who are not.

There are many ways to be financially stable, either you are born with it or you’ve learned financial independence at the early stage of your life. Not everyone’s born with a silver spoon but everyone can be financially independent. And when you have enough in times of economic struggle, you won’t have to worry about surviving financial breakdowns.


There are different types of investments that you can dive into. The investment comes in the likes of bonds, stocks, investment funds, shared capital, bank products, etc. Whichever type of investments you choose, just make sure you know something about it. And a very important tip. Invest only with what extra savings that you have. Do not invest your whole savings. I’m not an expert in investing and I’m glad that a financial mobile app is offering an investment scheme that I can manage that won’t go beyond my savings.

“We’ve made investing easy for every Filipino through GInvest. Later this month, you can start investing in local bonds for as low as P50 and international global funds for as low as P1000,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom, President and CEO last February in his Facebook account after they announce the upcoming rollout of GInvest, the newest financial service under GCash mobile app.

GInvest is the investment marketplace feature of the GCash App. This service allows users to invest in various investment funds from its partner product providers. It’s the simplest way to invest for as low as P50 or PH instruments and P1,000 for Global Funds.

Kaycee Enerva of The Macho Mom has just one important thing to say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you have a diverse portfolio.” Kaycee is a journalist and a financially savvy blogger in the Philippines.

Digital currencies

Cryptocurrency is the latest and trending wave when it comes to the new form of trading currencies. It’s a digital currency traded online that can be used to purchase goods, buy tokens for mobile games, and transactions of other services.

I’m barely new to this trading platform. I started with a mobile wallet that also trades digital currencies. I began with a small amount and I am surprised that barely within the two months of trading, I already gained 75% of my initial investment.

“For those who are planning to enter cryptocurrency trading, put in only what you are willing to lose. If you need that money to pay bills over the next couple of months or it’s rent money or money needed to pay your credit card minimums, DO NOT PUT it in ANY crypto or stock. You won’t be able to enjoy the experience or get the most out of it because you will be stressed,” added Kaycee.


If you’re into a long period of investing, putting your money in a bank is another way to ensure your future. Whether it’s a regular savings account or time deposit, you are confident that there’s something that you can use in case of emergency or when you need the money elsewhere.

Do not expect a high-profit interest in banking but if you must, sub-divide and spread your savings in different banks so that you’ll have different access from your savings. You can even compare which bank gives a high-interest rate. Spreading your savings in different banks also helps you choose which bank savings you will use for different purposes.

Start your own business

I know a lot of friends who have started their business even before the pandemic strikes. And some people discovered their penchant for business during the lockdowns. The good thing about starting your own business is you have a bright future ahead in store for you. Some startups might fold up too early, but if you’re serious and knows what business you are venturing into, there’s a big chance you’ll succeed.

Iris Acosta, owner, WTF Cakes Whattafilling, was fortunate that she started her family business way before the pandemic hits the country. Iris recalls how challenging and tough it was putting up a business but it all paid off.

“Challenging but fulfilling, these are my thoughts on business ownership. Perhaps this is because my business was born out of my baking hobby. I started baking in 2015, mostly cakes and cupcakes for friends and family. When the Dream Cake or 5 layered cakes became a fad, my #WTFChocoloco became an official business. It has 5 layers of rich and decadent chocolate, that is Chocolate Cake, Ganache, Fudge, Shard, and Cocoa,” she told Metropoler.

“When the pandemic hit, I thought I was going to lose customers. But thanks to the support of my community and local consumers, home bakers like me became a hit for online delivery orders. I was pleasantly surprised when #WTFChocoloco trended well during the Christmas Season due to positive reviews from bloggers and influencers. Orders for my cake tripled that season which was a good thing given the financial challenges brought by the pandemic. My husband’s work hours were cut in half and so did his salary. It was a good thing that our business is doing well otherwise I’m not sure how we can cope with bills and expenses. In this aspect I feel lucky to have a business of my own and not dependent on employment,” said Iris.

Having your own business is not that easy but with a good and steady strategy, your finances will eventually land in your favor.

On top of these, it would be best if you have financial calculators that you can use for calculating your financial activities. There’s this site that offers free financial calculators you can use the calculators you need on desktops, laptops, tablets & cell phones.

Financial calculators can help you list and track financial activities which will make your life easy.

Being financially independent helps you to be future-proof and secured. You don’t need to rely on anybody when it comes to money matters and you have enough income or savings that you can use to pay your living expenses.

You can visit for a wide array of free financial calculators that you might be needing soon. They have a responsive website where you can use calculators based on different categories like Savings, Financial Planning, etc. on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

With enough savings, you could buy your property. You can travel with your family and loved ones anywhere without being bothersome to anyone. This is the road to your financial freedom.

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