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‘Fake booking’ strikes again targeting food delivery riders

Whoever is/are doing this kind of modus, they should be punished.

Another case of ‘fake booking’ swindles at least twenty food delivery riders amounting to P20,000 last Saturday.

The riders accepted food delivery booking from an individual using another person’s name and address. Upon confirmation of the delivery which would be paid cash on delivery (COD), the riders accomplished the orders that they paid in advance and payment to be charged from the customer upon delivery.

But the customer(s) would not be found.

This #fakebooking case happens frequently and it causes breakdowns for the riders with fear of losing their jobs and their hard-earned income from these scammers.

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These repeated incidents are forcing the riders themselves and the netizens to call out for the exclusion of COD payment option in food delivery apps.

They also suggest that the companies who own the delivery services should implement en effective KYC review so these kind of modus won’t happen again.

*Photos grabbed from SheMae Ilano Facebook post.

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