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How many times do we have to type in ‘condolences’ in our Facebook comments?

By the rate of how the pandemic crisis in the Philippines is going on, the number of times that we have to type in the word ‘condolences’ in our Facebook comments are increasing as the number one social media platform in the world has likely become a daily obituary page this time in our history.

Some people had to type in the message of sympathy for more than five times, some up to seven, and it’s for different persons, in just one single day. It’s not an exaggeration. It is the reality now.

The death tolls of COVID-19 cases are adding up by the day. Even with vaccines around, it’s not an immediate solution that it can wipe out and banish the virus easily and instantly. A competent and effective leadership in the government in times of crisis and the people’s discipline are what we need to fully combat this pandemic. No amount of vaccine, face mask, or other safety gears can help us if the government fails from their responsibilities. For our part, let’s follow the minimum health and safety protocols to avoid and prevent infection among us.

Until then, our Facebook timeline will continue to be filled with heartbreaking stories related to COVID-19 and obituaries of our friend; of our friend’s friend; a co-worker; and when it hits close, our family.


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