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ECOVACS ROBOTICS reimagines household cleaning in the Philippines with 9-in-1 DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 launch

ECOVACS ROBOTICS reimagines household cleaning in the Philippines with 9-in-1 DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 launch

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading home service robotics maker, today is bringing its world-renowned smarter cleaning experience to the Philippines with the launch of a brand-new campaign, “The Best DEEBOT Lands in the Philippines.” It will introduce the DEEBOT T9 Family, the company’s flagship product family, and the DEEBOT N8 Family, ECOVACS’ advanced robotic vacuum cleaner, to help Filipino families enjoy hands-free and effectively superior cleaning with robotic vacuum cleaners that are more powerful and intelligent than ever before.

The new launch answers what Filipino consumers wanted: smart products to make homecare simpler and multi-tasking easier. With the DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 Families, ECOVACS answers their needs by offering the latest innovative and efficient cleaning experience.

The DEEBOT T9 Family is ECOVACS’ flagship robotic vacuum cleaner. It integrates cutting-edge features from other industries and the company’s industry-leading innovation to go beyond the conventional robotic vacuum cleaning experience. They include:

Upgraded ECOVACS HOME App Improves Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation:

  • The upgraded TrueDetect 3D 2.0 technology, with a range of 70-350 millimeters, quickly detects different obstacles at a distance. It allows the DEEBOT T9 to detect objects ten times more accurately than traditional infra-red technology.
    • The combination of TrueDetect 3D 2.0 and TrueMapping 2.0 with 3D Maps allows users to quickly locate the robotic vacuum cleaner and manage various cleaning tasks on the fly.
  • Built-in Air Freshener Provides Luxurious Cleaning Experience
    • The DEEBOT T9 is the first in the industry to clean floors and freshen the air simultaneously. The built-in air freshener eliminates musty and pet odors, while a fan at the bottom spreads the fragrance evenly. Users can operate the air freshener, which uses replaceable capsules that can last up to 60 days, via the ECOVACS HOME App.

The DEEBOT N8 Family combines premium-grade features that continue ECOVACS’s commitment to superior cleaning but are more affordable. They include:

    • The Virtual Boundary™ function via the ECOVACS Home App restricts robot movements for privacy.

Enjoy Hands-free Cleaning with Auto-Empty Station

The Auto-Empty Station eliminates the need for users to manually empty the robot dustbins by storing the contents in its large-volume 2.5L disposable dust bag, which users all-natural paper materials and has space for up to 30 days of dust. Users can manage the Auto-Empty Station via their ECOVACS HOME App. It is compatible with all the DEEBOT T9 and N8 Family models.

Pricing and Availability

The DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 Families are available today on Lazada ( The suggested retail prices of DEEBOT T9: PHP49,990, T9 with Auto-Empty Station: PHP69,990, N8: PHP36,990, N8 with Auto-Empty Station: PHP56,990, and standalone Auto Empty Station: PHP19,990.

As part of the 12.12 Mega promotion on Lazada, the above models are available at up to 58% discounts from December 1, 2021. The promotion also includes DEEBOT OZMO 950 at discounted with PHP13,490.

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