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Doc Willie Ong tested positive to Omicron variant

Vice-presidential aspirant, Internist & Cardiologist, Dr. Willie Ong tested positive to COVID-19 Omicron variant and is currently on his 3rd-4th day isolation.

With today’s active cases reaching all-time high 39,004, it is without a doubt that Omicron is the most highly transmissible COVID-19 variant to ever experienced in the country.

Even Doc Willie wasn’t spared from getting the virus and he confirmed that Omicron is not just a type of a regular flu. It’s much severe.

In his TikTok account, Doc Ong shared 10 lessons that he learned from getting sick with Omicron. He said that the variant is not a mild one and it’s the worst bout with sickness he have experienced.

Another lesson that he learned from Omicron is it is attacking in a wave-like pattern. He said that Omicron will make you feel so much muscle pain, headache, and excessive sweating for an hour and then later on you’ll feel better like you never been sick at all. The pattern will continue like a loop within the day.

He said on his TikTok post that wearing face mask will be helpful but it doesn’t guarantee that you will not get infected of the virus.

On his 3rd to 4th day of isolation, Doc Ong reveals that he can hardly speak because of excessive coughing and sore throat. “Sobrang sakit talaga,” said Ong while pointing at his throat.

Watch his video here to know more of the 10 lessons he learned from Omicron here

As of this writing, we’ve also received reports that Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto is also down with Omicron.

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