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COVID-19 cases in the Philippines breach one million; India suffering from coronavirus second wave

COVID-19 cases in the Philippines breach one million on Monday, April 26, Department of Health (DOH) reports.

8,929 new cases were reported on Monday, bringing to the total confirmed cases at 1,006,428.

The trend is slowly going down but that doesn’t mean that the government and the rest of the country should be complacent.

We don’t want to be the next to India which now has close to 18 million COVID-19 cases and 195,123 total number of deaths. The trend is going upward and crematoriums overwhelmed as cases spike in India.

India has set a new global record for a rise in daily coronavirus cases for a fifth straight day, while deaths from COVID-19 also jumped by an all-time high over the last 24 hours on Monday.

The cases in India skyrocketed after its government failed to handle the crisis, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ineffective leadership in recent weeks.

They dropped their guards too soon, allowing mass gatherings and opening businesses having in their minds that cases are under control. They were wrong.

And that we don’t want to happen in the Philippines.

LGUs and IATF are already discussing about the next community quarantine to be enforced by May 1st.

Let’s pray for India. Let’s pray for the Philippines.

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