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Clark records good ambient air quality

This Freeport was once again proven to be a safe haven for the public, after it manifested a good ambient air quality in the monitoring results documented by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Region III.

Based on the data secured by the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) – Environmental Permits Division (EPD) headed by Engr. Rogelio M. Magat from EMB Region III, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in this Freeport that was measured in terms of the SO2 parameter has been consistently below 50 and averages at 10, which proves that the air here is less polluted and is safe for maintaining the health of the general public as well as the environment.

The Clark Ambient Air Quality Index (AQI) Billboard updated daily online, and weekly in the LED Billboards around Clark Freeport Zone.

CDC-EPD shared that the AQI works like a thermometer that runs from 0 to 500 degrees and shows changes in the amount of pollution in the air.  An AQI under 50 means that the air quality is good.  With this Freeport’s low AQI level, a person can spend time outdoors and air pollution will pose very little risk to their health. 

Meanwhile CDC- EPD Assistant Manager Mayflor Candelaria mentioned that the ambient air quality here is monitored through the Clark Station, located at Challenger’s Field inside the Air Force City and established by the EMB RIII since 2003.  This station screens CO, NO2, SO2, PM10 and Hg coming from the operations of Clark International Airport (CIA), various industrial and commercial establishments, motor vehicles, and from construction activities here.

CDC EPD has also been monitoring the PM10 levels, a measure of the presence of particulate or dust particles in the air, along C. M. Recto Highway and M. A. Roxas Highway since 2019. The average AQI value is 30, attesting to the good quality of air even along major roads in Clark.   

During the General Community Quarantine imposed last June due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AQI in this Freeport was recorded at 25.   In contrast, the Manila AQI based on PM10 value is at 55 in December 2020 and with a high of 74 for the year 2020. 

Meanwhile, Candelaria likewise said that the good results of the air monitoring in this Freeport is a testament to the good environmental management and strict compliance of Clark locators to the Clean Air Act.

In December 2020, CDC-EPD initiated the regular updating and posting of the AQI data in the Freeport. To ramp up this initiative, the said data are also being shown on the LED Billboards of Filinvest Mimosa Inc. and Berthaphil Inc. along M. A. Roxas Highway. They are also being frequently uploaded in the iClark app and streamed online in the CDC web page for easy access of all interested parties and stakeholders. 

In the absence of an on-line system, the data from the Clark Station is regularly provided by Engr.  Nesty Mendiola of the Air Section of EMB RIII.  Regional Director Wilson L. Trajeco and Engr. Dennis Celestial, Chief of the EMED welcomed this initiative of CDC-EPD to increase awareness on sustainable development and doing business in harmony with nature.

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