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Marvel fans forget that Superman has financial problems too

Well, maybe because they’re Marvel fans and not keen on what’s happening in the DCEU that they’re blaming Tony Stark of not compensating Sam Wilson aka The Falcon as part of his The Avengers stint.

In the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the new Marvel series showed how Sam and her sister are coping up with financial crisis and they hardly getting bank’s approval for a loan.

While Sam is so popular after The Blip, it did not take away the fact that he is not financially stable as to how he is portrayed in the new show.

And fans stormed the social media, pinpointing at Tony’s as the reason why Sam’s got in this financial trouble. But it’s not Tony’s fault. The Marvel Superheroes aren’t paid like they’re working for a company and it’s like a job that they have to follow a boss or manager.

And these fans might have forgotten that Clark Kent aka Superman hasn’t much of a savings too.

After Superman’s death, Martha Kent had to put their Smallville property up for sale, stating that the Kents are also financially down. Lois Lane, on the otherhand, has stop working for Daily Planet as she’s grieving Clark’s death. No work, no pay. That’s how it goes.

Clark’s financial crisis was majorly emphasized when he asked Bruce Wayne how he got the Kent’s house back from the bank at the end of Justice League (Whedon or Snyder Cut) movie. Bruce casually told him that he bought the bank and tapped his shoulder.

Even during Clark’s funeral, it was perceived that Bruce took care of all the bills for his friend.

This spoiler reveals that superheroes don’t really get paid for their heroic contributions and are not living a luxurious lives. Well, except for billionaires like Tony, Bruce, and Oliver Queen.

So people, don’t get mad at Tony. Don’t blame anyone if superheroes are living off the way we expect them to be. At least, Sam and Bucky have something to get busy at during post The Blip. We’re still not sure if we’ll going to see Superman flies back again. #RestoreTheSnyderverse

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