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Mass vaccination in Manila ongoing for A3 Priority Group

Mass vaccination in Manila ongoing for A3 Priority Group

The City of Manila has roll out the mass vaccination for people under the Priority Eligible A3 category, meaning those who have comorbidities.

The current COVID-19 vaccines reduce risk of severe disease and risk of death, and are most suited for those with higher risk of exposure and death. To know more about the COVID-19 Vaccination Program’s prioritization framework, click here.

Priority Eligible APriority Eligible BPriority Eligible C
A1. Workers in Frontline Health ServicesB1. Teachers, Social WorkersC. Rest of the Filipino population not otherwise included in the above groups
A2. All Senior CitizensB2. Other Government Workers 
A3. Persons with ComorbiditiesB3. Other Essential Workers 
A4. Frontline personnel in essential sectors, including uniformed personnelB4. Socio-demographic groups at significantly higher risk other than senior citizens and poor population based on the NHTS-PR 
A5. Indigent PopulationB5. Overseas FIlipino Workers

B6. Other Remaining Workforce

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