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Charging mental battery in the Work-From-Home setting

Charging mental battery in the Work-From-Home setting

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The World Health Organization warned that a new health emergency is on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic: a mental health crisis.

The National Center for Mental Health reported a surge in their crisis hotline, from 60-80 monthly calls pre-CQ to 300 monthly calls during CQ.

Burnout has taken a new form in the remote work and quarantine setting. The work-induced physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion isn’t the only factor now that results in burnout. Deviating from daily routines, uncertainty over their own and their family’s health, job security, and the status of the economy added to that strain. People now have limited activities to destress and recharge, as their home is now their office and going out to connect with people is not possible.

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Last October 21, PHILCARE: MINDCARE held another of tis webinar series with Coach Teofilo Lajarca, Jr., Professional Life Coach, Marriage and Family Counseling, Legal Court Mediator, Psychometricianand Miyo Briones, owner Take Off Philippines shared some tips on how to effectively cope with stressors that most employees are experiencing this time: job security, the status of the economy, uncertainty over their own health and their loved ones, and more. The webinar series was hosted by Kakki Teodoro from Diet Diva.

With the pandemic happening for more than half of the year already, people have been attuned on staying and working from home to make themselves safe and protected from going outside and avoiding transmission of the virus.

For many, the work-from-home set up has become the regular and new normal part of the everyday lives. We have embraced digital technology and most of our time are spent online and with our mobile phones.

Buying necessities and essentials are made online. Ordering food delivery services made its way also through online platforms.

But not all days are sunshine and rainbows. Staying from home doesn’t mean that we are safe from feeling of anxiety and depression. Often times, little that we know, we’re already feeling the burnt of everyday staying in the same hole of the house and for those who are living alone, the lack of someone to talk to can lead to mental health crisis.

Coach Lajarca pinpointed that the lack of human interaction or human touch (because of technology) made it easier for people to experience mental health crisis. Because almost everything is done online, we lose the physical interaction experience that would help keep our sanity in motion.

Fortunately, there are webinars like the PHILCARE: MINDCARE that could help us understand the process of the way we experience things while we are in a remote work setting.

There are also other institutions that may help guide us, so that we would not fall into the deep rabbit hole and instead, keep our mind and body intact, away from feeling the burnt or mental health crisis.

Absorbing the digital new normal is helpful for us to make our work easier but let us not also forget that we need somebody that we can talk to or someone around to make us feel that we are still living on the same space.

How do we charge our mental battery?

1 . Always keep an open line of communication with the members of the family; your friends; or loved ones.

2 . Make a time table of schedule where you can spend time away from electronic gadgets and instead do some activities with the members of the family inside your residence.

3 . If you have problems or find work too difficult, do not keep it to yourself. Ask help from your co-workers, or friends, or your superior. They’re just a phone call or Facebook Messenger away.

4 . Engaged and participate in webinars with topics like mental health awareness to help you cope and understand those things that you are presently dealing.

5 . Always relax, rest, and give yourself a break if you are tired and exhausted from the many hours of your work from home set up.

If you want to know more about PHILCARE MINDCARE, you may email them at [email protected]

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