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Bridging the Gap: How technology, innovation helps today’s Education Sector

Bridging the Gap: How technology, innovation helps today’s Education Sector

More than a year since implementing community quarantines and safety protocols, blended, distance learning remains the new normal in the Philippines’ education sector. This hybrid approach is deemed crucial to ensure that learning remains unhampered amid the current global health crisis. 

The Department of Education (DepEd) has also recently maintained that it would ensure learning continuity for millions of Filipinos as they implement different learning modalities created in support of the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP).  

While many may have heard about blended, distance learning only during this pandemic, Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, says that this approach has been a part of the country’s educational system for years.  

“In recent years, learning institutions have been adopting new teaching methods and modernizing their technological infrastructure to adapt to the changing needs of both educators and their students,” said Jason Lim, country manager of Vertiv in the Philippines.  

He added that after the inception of high-tech Internet-based infrastructures, such as cloud computing and edge computing, there was also a boom in the learning modes, followed by the education sector.  

For instance, most learning institutions have adopted mobile learning or learning across multiple contexts through social and content interactions using personal electronic devices as part of their distance learning approach. It allows students from different locations to attend classes remotely via virtual classrooms. 

Barriers to Technology Adoption 

Although many educational institutions desire to be part of technology-driven education, they are stuck with several challenges, such as the use of legacy technology infrastructure. Nowadays, the flow of data has surpassed all the limits, requiring institutions to have a superior IT framework to support high-volume software installation and cutting-edge technologies. In processing an excessive amount of data, the server power and related accessories must be scaled and future-proofed to meet future needs.  

Due to the lack of professional training, it is also tedious for schools to manage and maintain the complex technology infrastructure. That is why they require an ecosystem that includes a single console-driven system that is easy to deploy and easy to operate. An integrated solution, on the other hand, can ensure continuity of their operations with a single system startup, warranty, preventive maintenance, and repair. 

Addressing the Challenges 

To cater to this digital demand, particularly in the institution’s administration, setting up or upgrading their IT infrastructure in line with the existing framework is necessary. They can start by employing ‘Smart Solutions’ that are integrated, consisting of compact, flexible, and reliable high-end technologies. 

For instance, Vertiv Smart Solutions are available in various formats, such as an integrated rack called a SmartCabinet, a complete infrastructure solution for several environments providing intelligent and integrated infrastructure for any type of IT. This solution features a pre-tested configuration of equipment or a row of equipment, such as the Vertiv™ SmartRow™ 2 and SmartCabinet™ ECO.  

Vertiv™ SmartRow™ 2 brings an innovative approach to efficiently integrate and manage distinct systems, such as Power and Distribution systems, Thermal Management, System Security, Comprehensive Interface, Cable management, and other pertinent aspects.  

It takes over the previous generation of products’ set-up. It also maintains the micro-module application benchmark to provide users more compact, more reliable, safer, more convenient technology room deployment experience. The solution comes with the fastest deployment rate, lowest operating cost, and the most downward learning curve for operation.  

On the other hand, Vertiv’s SmartCabinet™ ECO is a self-contained, pre-configured, pre-engineered, and factory-tested infrastructure solution for data centers and telecom networks.  

This solution is economical as it reduces implementation costs compared to conventional solutions. It is simplified, as it maximizes the existing infrastructure and gets up and running in a matter of weeks. And, controllable as it enables enforcing the adding or changing of policies and speeds IT administration request response times significantly. The solution also has an ECO mode that activates intelligently to provide emergency ventilation in the event of overheating or cooling unit failure. 

Vertiv offers these solutions through its partner, Ardent Networks, Inc., a leading distributor of networking infrastructure, communications, cabling, backup power solutions, installation, managed services, security, and software technology from the LAMCO Group of Companies. Ardent’s strong position in the market is attributed to a comprehensive suite of IT products and services, a pool of highly skilled workforce, strong leaders, and industry experts. 

The company is also the sole distributor of Vertiv Converge products. It also carries other Vertiv small-range products like UPS, suited to home and retail business needs. It operates nationwide with sales offices in key cities in the Philippines located in Metro Manila and Cebu City.  

Ardent has established more than 200 channel partners in the country and continues to be a technology distributor of choice. Its extensive understanding of the local market makes the company a reliable partner for total IT solutions, covering financial support, logistics, warehousing, and professional services. 

Aside from these solutions, Vertiv and Ardent Networks, Inc. also aim to support the education sector by bringing together cutting-edge solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations, optimal performance, and scalability of data centers, communication networks, and other critical IT facilities. 

To learn more about how Vertiv supports the continuity of today’s vital business applications, visit  

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