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Bridge your passions and entrepreneurial spirit with the right digital tools

Bridge your passions and entrepreneurial spirit with the right digital tools

At the height of the pandemic, Filipinos leaned on their creativity to power through economic losses, utilizing mainly online spaces. “Live selling” of various wares abound on social media platforms. Many discovered or revisited their passions outside of their 9-to-5 for seizing freelancing opportunities. All these in the hope of generating added income.  

A huge chunk of those who pivoted to digital platforms even formalized their trade. The year marked by the great digital migration has, in the Philippines, seen a 44% uptick in new entrepreneurs. From a total of 637,567 business registrations in 2019, enterprises registered with the Department of Trade and Industry now total 916,163, with 91% accounting for newly started businesses amid the pandemic.  

How does one stand out from the crowded digital space? 

Whether for taking your business online or for elevating your enterprise to deepen your relationship with audiences old and new, here are some ways to help you carve out a more successful digital journey that’s uniquely your own.  

Build a lasting impression with your domain name 

While social media remains the primary entry point for products and services to be sold online, an official website adds credibility to your business. A domain name for your business website that’s unique, memorable, and catchy, can help to build increased trust among discerning buyers, and could even attract virtual walk-in business. Buying a domain name is made easy with service providers like GoDaddy, who offers guidance to help walk you through the process of choosing the right domain name which tells your audience, at a glance, about your business or what you offer. There are even region-specific domain extensions such as “.ph” or “.asia,” to help show interested customers your location, or sector specific domain name extensions like “.design” “.photography”, and “.club”.  

Create a seamless buying experience by using integrated tools 

The quarantined consumer has gravitated to shopping online and towards using cashless transactions. Gen X and Millennial Filipinos, for instance, prefer online banking and e-wallets as payment methods—making it important for your online business to allow for flexible and accessible means of closing a purchase. From defining the look of your digital storefront to securely accepting over 40 different payment methods, including major credit cards and PayPal, online store builders like the GoDaddy E-Store help you create the ultimate new-normal digital shopping experience. Functions also include auto-optimizing your site to help improve its searchability on Google, integrated Google Shopping Feeds, social media marketing and integration tools, and even promoting discount coupons.  

Keep your audience hooked with great visuals 

After consolidating your offerings away from everybody’s cluttered social media feeds and into your very own website, the next step would be to beautify your space. An impactful (and uniform) look helps to further build your brand, as well as retain an increasingly visual audience. No matter your design skills, compelling content is within reach and can be easily done with a content creation tool like GoDaddy Studio. Get started for free with hundreds of templates for you to customize with a few clicks to create beautiful and professional-looking images for your website, social posts and advertising.   

A one-stop shop for all your digital business needs 

GoDaddy helps you build your online presence by offering a range of solutions integrated into a powerful suite of online tools to help you create and build your website and online store, and promote them with digital marketing tools.  

“By offering online tools and solutions in one easy-to-navigate platform, GoDaddy is the one-stop shop for new and current entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance their digital presence and make their business stand out to their target audiences,” said Norman Barrientos, Director of Marketing for Southeast Asia, GoDaddy.  

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