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BIR reminds Social Media Influencers of their tax obligations

BIR reminds Social Media Influencers of their tax obligations

In a 10-page M.O. Circular No. 97-2021, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has announced its tax memo for social media influencers after the agency received numerous reports of huge income from different social media platforms.

The tax memo includes YouTubers, bloggers and vloggers, etc. under the “social media influencers” defined and referred to in the Circular as any individual or corporations receiving income in cash or kind from social media platform sites.

The BIR is calling all social media influencers to file tax returns and payment of taxes as per written in the memo Section 6: Tax compliance under Paragraph C.

In June 2020, after requiring online sellers and freelancers to register with BIR, bloggers and filmmakers were next in the line under the Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 60-2020 which states the Obligations of Persons Conducting Business Transactions Through Any Forms of Electronic Media, and Notice to Unregistered Businesses, issued on June 10, 2020.

BIR released the list of these digital merchants required to register in their proper district and ordered more than 120 revenue district officers (RDOs) nationwide to release the certificate of registration of digital sellers of goods and services in a day or two upon the submission of the application.

Included in the list are: e-Commerce platform providers; internet retailers of consumer goods; digital service, membership and subscription; digital transaction through the use electronic platforms and media; online blogging, filmmakers earning from advertising gained from their online channels; and ride-hailing services for food, transportation, delivery, or merchandise.

To read the full 10-page memo, visit to know more.

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