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Belo and Gigil own up to their mistakes, issued apologies right away

The Belo Medical Group and Gigil Group apologized for the ‘insensitive and upsetting’ video ad that they released on Tuesday, August 10. The video was criticized by netizens for portraying women body shaming in the middle of the Pandemic.

Screenshot: BeloBeauty

The video ad had a hashtag #Pandemiceffect, some celebrities like Gabbi Garcia, Claudia Barretto, and Saab Magalona reposted it into their social media account as part of the campaign.

Screenshot: Gigil

Belo had taken down the video ad on the same day that they uploaded it. The video ends with the tagline “tough times call for beautiful measures “and a call to book a consultation with Belo.

In the year 2012, Belo was also criticized for their video ad campaign for men, saying “a little whitening makes a big difference.”

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