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AXIE INFINITY, the latest model of Play-To-Earn online games

One of the unified preoccupations of people today is playing online games. Aside from having fun and leisure as a reason, they can also earn money which has been more noticeable since Covid-19 pandemic started in the Philippines.

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is one of the famous companies in the world of online games who discovered the Axie Infinity, a gaming model of Play – To – Earn with the aim of helping players earning money while enjoying themselves to the game.

What is a Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an online video games of monster-battling where you put teams of monster called the Axie (a digital round-shaped creatures) againts each others battle. It is a gameplay that involves collecting and breeding fancy creatures on the Ethereum platform – a democratize open-sources blockchain were you the owner can handle your Axie account without any interruptions by having a record to the company. Axie Infinity is also inspired by the Nintendo’s beloved Pokémon series.


How Axie Infinity works?

It is a business like of online games and not difficult to start, you just first need to invest by purchasing three Axie that a player can buy in the official Axie marketplace in via your Ronin wallet which can connect to the games. They have different types of Axie that you can buy such as Beast, Plant, Bug, Mech, Dusk, Aquatic, Bird, Reptile and Dawn; and have different abilities ranging from Tanking to Damaging that can help you to earn money.

How much should you invest?

The starting point of investment is around $200 – $230 converting in the Philippine peso that costs a whopping Php9,000 – PhP11,000 for a person to have an access into the battle to win rewards and experience the games using their PC, Mac, Android, or iOS.

It is too expensive for an average person who wants to experience and earn money, but the good news is some Axie owner can loan their NFT’s to other players to use and earned with. There are investors who open a scholarship programs like the SANDO SCHOLARSHIP’S connected to the YGG called Free – To – Play model. A process of no investment released but a player can experience and earned money with an agreement to share income of the account that will be lent to those who want to earn and experience games.

How to earn in the Axie Infinity?

The process of earning money is by collecting the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) that can convert into crypto currency to Ethereum into peso while playing the games.

It has three ways to earn (SLP). First is the Players vs. Environment (PvE) or an adventure mode that you can earn almost (100 SLP) where you need to face the challenges of every levels. The second one is the ARENA mode that you can earn more than (50+ SLP) it is a Player vs. Player (PvP) where you can battle your fellow streamers. And the last one is the Daily Quest where you should have a 5 KBP matches and 10 KBP adventure mode that can earn also 50 SLP. You can also earn SLP by breeding Axie that can be sold in the Axie Infinity marketplace.


How is Axie helping people financially?

The advantage of Axie Infinity compared to other online games is it presents a surefire way to earn some extra money while having fun. It will help you to enhance your socializing skills to your fellow players. If you don’t win in the games, you won’t lose anything but when you win you will get SLP and other rewards that can help you to save money for financial purposes.

In the future, the company has plans to develop more games with the same category, and to be able to help more people around the world.

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