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Arab-Israeli Vlogger Nuseir Yassin speaks out regarding his controversies; Nas Academy temporarily stops operations in the Philippines

Arab-Israeli Vlogger Nuseir Yassin uploaded a video to his Facebook pages Nas Daily and Nas Daily Tagalog, prompting his followers to be careful of Fake Posts. However, he announced yesterday that he temporarily stopped the operations of Nas Academy in the Philippines amidst his controversies. 

In a six minutes video, Nuseir spoke out, saying that there is lots of fake news spreading online about Nas Daily. He clarified that the outspread issues regarding him, the Cacao Projects, Whang-Od Academy, and Pinoy Baiting were all fake news.

After Gracia Palicas’s post about Whang-Od Academy, some people who have collaborated with Nas Daily also spoke out about the real identity of the vlogger, they were alleging that Nuseir is exploiting the Filipinos on his platforms. 

However, Nuseir defended himself, he revealed that the Cacao Project is fake news. He said that it is not really a non-profit that helps farmers unlike as stated on a paper. But it is just for profit that exploits farmers, he added. 

“Every time we make a video, there is a chance that it is fake. So, we have to do research, we go to the internet, we check things on the ground, we talk to the people again and again to verify. And one day, unfortunately, we stumbled upon a fake story in the Philippines, which is the Cacao Project,” Nuseir said on his video.

Nuseirs lost over a half million followers on his Facebook Page Nas Daily after different issues spread out, and Some netizens urged Filipinos to stop idolizing the vlogger.

Meanwhile, Nas daily’s list of followers is unavailable.

In line with this, Nuseirs temporarily paused the operations of Nas Academy in the Philippines to work with National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) to assure that everything is legal.  

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