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5 Facts about Gen Z jobseekers

5 Facts about Gen Z jobseekers

It’s official: “Generation Z” is officially joining the workforce. Yes, that’s right! The ‘Gen Zs’ or the first wave of kids born between 1997-2012 are all grown up and are now on the cusp of graduating college and pursuing their first job. What’s more is that they are starting their careers in a unique situation—during a pandemic, where the normative work processes we have come to enjoy have largely been disrupted. They are the digital natives, with their lives shaped by the internet and connectivity.

But what do we really know about them? What do they look for in a company? Is it the same as the previous generations’? Here are five things to know about Gen Z jobseekers:

Fact 1. They tend to favor jobs in finance and operations

When pressed about their ideal jobs or career path during a recent survey of college students in Metro Manila, they identified their preference to work in the fields and industries below:

  1. Operations and Management
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Marketing and Communications
  4. Creatives and Media
  5. Healthcare

Many of these jobs require a great deal of technical knowledge, creativity, and self-motivation, and are very much aligned with the college degrees/educational backgrounds they have pursued.

Fact 2. They want to work with purpose

Call them optimistic or idealistic, but Gen Zs place a very high value on the notion of ‘purposeful and meaningful’ work. They look for companies that align with their values and yearn for a career that is geared towards creating social impact.

Fact 3. They look for mentorship and career growth

Young jobseekers cited the importance of having mentors and figures to look up to and learn from. That is why they are looking for a company with a reputation for career growth and a strong company culture that invests in their talents.

Fact 4. They’re aspiring jet-setters.

Who doesn’t like traveling? For many Gen Zs, an opportunity to work abroad at some point in their careers is on their bucket list. What’s not to love about a jet-setting job? International experience exposes them to unique perspectives and a multitude of opportunities for career growth.

Fact 5. They see multinational companies as ‘career goals’

Most Gen Zs have identified working for multinational companies (MNCs) as their ‘dream workplace.’ They cited the success, stability, and recognition of the company, the familiarity of their brands and products, and competitive salaries and benefits as factors in viewing these global corporations and conglomerates as aspirational career destinations.

Don’t wait for the pandemic to end—a meaningful career awaits

Gen Zs find themselves in unfamiliar territory. For many of them, they would have experienced a semester or two of online schooling; their graduations would have been live streamed; and they’re about to enter the professional world that exists virtually in some form or another.

While the country proceeds with caution due to the ongoing health crisis, organizations such as Mondelez Philippines have successfully transitioned to a work-from-home (WFH) setup for most of its workforce, and continues to hire people for critical roles.

Cited as one of the dream companies to work for by graduating students and prospective first-jobbers in the same survey, thanks to its portfolio of childhood favorite snack products, the multi-national company has ample opportunities for a career in operations, finance, and marketing. Teams in these Functions of the Company get to work with beloved brands they grew up with, like Eden Cheese, Cheez Whiz, Tang, Cadbury, Toblerone, Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and so much more. They also get to be part of creating the future of these snack brands and make an impact on Filipinos’ snack experiences. The Company also provides all employees with the chance to make an impact on the community through its mindful snacking and sustainable snacking platforms.

Moreover, young talents in these functions can experience cross-function experience handling multiple teams and categories, which are part of their developmental plan, as the Company molds them to become the next leaders of the organization. Mondelez Philippines was named the fastest growing Top 20 FMCG company in the Philippines in 2020, according to reports by Nielsen as of September 2020. The pandemic has affected many businesses, but Mondelez Philippines remains privileged as consumers continue to purchase its products to provide comfort, deliciousness and nutrition to their home life while in lockdown.

Career development is also a priority at Mondelez Philippines, with “Grow Everyday” as one of its company values. There are month-long career development sessions, individual coaching programs, special assignments, training with top leaders both local and international, and a relentless focus on career advancement and skills development.

Coupled with extended benefits such as gender-inclusive primary parent leaves and comprehensive health plans, competitive salary packages and flexible work arrangements, along with the opportunity to work abroad and be assigned to Mondelēz International offices in other countries, the company is well positioned to offer a purposeful and meaningful career. The Company has exported ~70+ talents across the Globe in the last ~5 years all the way to Europe (UK and Poland), Asia Pacific (China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and India) and the USA. Some 17% of employees working at Mondelez Philippines and based locally also handle regional or even global roles.

At Mondelez Philippines, Gen Zs can be part of a workplace where they can make it with impact, make it with pride, and make it uniquely your own amidst the pandemic and beyond. Gen Zs can visit their website to find job openings and career opportunities.

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